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Vexx Ed #3

Today on Vexx Ed, we will give you the illuminating facts on LED lighting. Walking down the lighting aisles can be a little daunting with so many choices. There is such a wide variety of bulbs, styles, wattages...................

First, some history! The incandescent bulb was developed in the 1800's. These bulbs get hot, use a lot of energy and have remained relatively unchanged over the past 100 years. They convert less then 5% of energy to light and last only about 1,000 hours before needing to be replaced.

In an attempt to find more energy efficient ways of lighting our homes, the CFL bulb was invented in 1976. These CFL bulbs were marketed as being four times more energy efficient, however, due to safety concerns with being fluorescent based, many people chose not to use them. Those safety concerns then led to the development of the LED bulbs in 2006. LED bulbs last anywhere from 25,000-50,000 hours depending on the bulb, in comparison to the 8,000 hour life of the CFL bulb.

💡Quick facts:

*LED bulbs attract less bugs and make a great solution for exterior lights as well as interior.

*LED bulbs give off full brightness immediately, so no more waiting for the bulbs to "warm up".

*LED bulbs do not get hot! They are cool to touch, preventing burn injuries.

🛒Shopping quick reference:

60 Watt Incandescent is a 7-10 Watt LED

75 Watt Incandescent is a 12-13 Watt LED

100 Watt Incandescent is 14-20 Watt LED

⁑The more lumens the bulb has, the brighter the light.⁑

We hope this gives you a guideline when choosing new bulbs for your home. LED is one way of saving money and lowering your energy consumption at the same time. Remember to always contact a licensed professional before adding or replacing lighting fixtures in your home or business.

Please leave us a comment below with any suggestions you have for future editions of Vexx Ed. We'd love to hear from you!

Until next month, make good choices and call us for your next electrical project.

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